Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I've been wanting to see the film titled "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." This was supposed to come out this year at first, but somehow we need to wait for it until next summer. Having a PC has paid off. We can enjoy its trailer!

Dumbledore : I wish you to look at the memories. In this case, potenting one wanted to visual. This is perhaps the most important memories commit to. I'd like you to see it.

Woman : You'll know who he is. Tom's been here. He's never wanted to have a visitor.

Tom : You're a doctor, aren't you?

Dumbledore : No.

Tom : Who are you?

Dumbledore : Like what I said you, Tom. I'm different.

Tom : Prove it. I can make things (     ) without touching. I can make bad things happen to be (     ). I can speak to snakes, too. They find me. Wisper things.

Harry : Did you know, sir? Then...

Dumbledore : Did I know what he'd be the most dangerous dark wizard at all time? No.

I'd like to understand what they are saying, and I tried writing down their lines word for word. Sad to say, it was beyond my listening skill. I can't get some words here and there. On top of that, some phrases I wrote don't make any sense at all!
Would you please help me out?

My friend, Michael, kindly helped me understand the whole dialogue in the trailer. If you are interested in, please check his comment! I'm very embarrassed to show you my poor listening comprehension, but I'll leave it as it is. That's because I believe this post will lift me up to keep studying English.
Thank you, Michael. I owe you one(again?). You are splendid!


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Dumbledore: What you're looking at are memories. In this case, pertaining to one individual. This is perhaps the most important memory I've collected. I'd like you to see it.

Woman: In all the years Tom's been here, he's never once had a visitor.

Tom: You're the doctor, aren't you?

Doctor: No.

Tom: Who are you?

Doctor: Well, I'm like you, Tom. I'm different.

Tom: Prove it.

Tom: I can make things move without touching them. I can make bad things happen to people who are mean to me. I can speak to snakes, too. They find me. Whisper things.

Harry: Did you know, sir? Then?

Dumbledore: Did I know I'd just met the most dangerous dark wizard of all time? No.

To Michael

Wow! Thank you so much! I must say this...how poor my listening comprehension is!! I thought it was close, but it was totally not. XO

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