Well, hello, Emi's Voice, it's lovely to make your acquaintance!

Your English is crystal clear, confident and very pleasing to the ear. I'm sure you must easily hold your own in any conversation. Even though I'm a native speaker, I wish I had such a nice voice as yours!

I hope that your recording might inspire others to do the same on their own blogs. What comes out of one's mouth goes into one's mind, so there's no better way to learn a language than to speak it.

To Michael

I believe we can't improve our language skills as long as we hesitate to show our abilities. We should give ourselves away sometimes, and it could lead to keep studying.
Luckily, I have never felt awkward about showing my English skill. I'd like to be myself and I'd like to enhance my command of English.

No title

From seeing and listening to your English, it's clear that your great attitude has served you well.

Please don't be surprised if I end up quoting your wise words on my blog someday. ^_^

To Michael

You are a nice person and perfectly understand how to encourage!
I don't think my writing is worth it, but it'd be my honor...thanks!


I was attracted by the title of Harry Potter because I also like it.
I'm not a native speaker. In my opinion, your voice is sweet and your pronunciation is good.

Come on!

To treelhs

Thank you for your comment! I've just visited your blog, but I don't have a clue what you wrote... What a pity... Being able to communicate in English is wonderful, don't you think?

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