The game for schoolers

My son had aimed to join a baseball game called MacDonald's tornament on 9 August in Tokyo, but unfortunately his team lost the chance...

The out-of-time flu

My son came down with the flu three days ago, and now it prevents him from taking part in a competition in which he has been wanting to play baseball.
According to the newspaper, owing to the rage of the flu, lots of school children in Saga have to stay home.

Devastating earthquakes!

Japan has been striked by countless devastating earthquakes since this afternoon!
A friend of mine in Tokyo hasn't emailed me back yet!
According to the news, the earthquakes took 19 lives as of now...


A prodigy figure skater, Mao Asada, got the silver medal after undergoing hardships.
People had put relentless pressure on her for months (maybe years), but she succeeded in mesmerizing us by her natural talent and aesthetically beauty. Of course, she has been making a concentrated effort.
I like her skating very much. I cannot look away from her during her wonderful performance. I was totally happy to see her big smile last night!
Mao, you're an angel on the ice!

Rescue from the underground

The unprecedented rescue story has come out from Chili and spread quickly throughout the world. I was the ones who had been stuck in front of the TV, waiting for the happily-ever-after consequence. I cannot tell how I relieved to see the success. I was impressed by the whole story of how the mineworkers bailed out, and above all, the story of a hero moved me to tears. The man, who was in charge of the field, accordingly led the rest of the mineworkers. Without him, they might have been dead from hunger. Without his leadership, they might have been thrown into a panic.
Let us pray that they may have a peaceful moment after the accident.