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Dragon Sword and Wind Child (Tales of the Magatama)Dragon Sword and Wind Child (Tales of the Magatama)
Noriko Ogiwara

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I've been very much into reading books lately. No week is complete without hanging around in a library. I cannot count how many books I read last week!
My life is full of books. When I was a child, I was scolded by my mother because I brought my favorite ones into my bed at night and enjoyed them in the dark. I guess there is no need to say that I'm nearsighted since then. I started to spend plenty of time reading English books in order to improve my reading skills. I bought the whole of Harry Potter books and tried translating each one into plain Japanese on my blog.
And now I'm totally mesmerized by the the ring of Japanese. I'm with lots of fascinating novels written in Japanese, and I've been reading Dragon Sword and Wind Child since yesterday.
Authors are like carpenters. They create a new world that I've never seen. I wish I could create my own world. How beautiful if I could do!

Coming out

There is a book written by a young guy, who has just started his new career as an author. About a few months ago, he surprised us to say that he had made up his mind to take up writing as his life's career. Being in the middle of his success as a promising actor, he protested that he had been into expressing himself by means of writing.
As soon as his first novel came out, lots of harsh criticism also went up. People started to lambaste his work, and the Amazon site is getting to be inundated with censure. Some of the readers asserted that the book is filled with incoherent discovery and the plot of the story is absolutely banal.
I had a plan to try the book before long, but I'm getting to lose an interest in it because I'm a bit swayed by the media...easily.

he faced lots of harsh criticism.

What I like about Jane Austen is...

The Complete Novels of Jane Austen (Special Editions)The Complete Novels of Jane Austen (Special Editions)
Jane Austen

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I like the novels written by Jane Austen, because I find them quite profound. She didn't write about any offbeat romance. In her books, there is no brutal violence, no murder, no gun, no bomb, and no confidential conspiracy which threaten our lives . All she had are almost what we have now, such as men and women, relationships, family, society, ethics, and people's mindset.
I've been getting an impression that some today's authors tend to try drawing readers' attention by way of picturing extreme world, but they should know that not everyone has an interest in such a book.
I've been struggling, wavering, and giving up on something like Jane's characters do. That's why I like Jane's novels. I have a feeling that I can relate to Jane even though I live in a totally different world from the one she lived in. Why is that? I suppose that's because we are both women.

I like Jane's novel.

I like the novels written by Jane Austin because her novels are full of women's lives. They are quite ordinary ones and the readers may not be able to find them exciting, but I think Jane knew how the real world works. I've been into her world since I saw "Sense and Sensibility" around 10 years ago. I'm quite interested in one of her novel titled "Pride and prejudice," and I've been looking for the film; however, I haven't tried it yet.

Pride and Prejudice - The Special Edition (A&E, 1996)Pride and Prejudice - The Special Edition (A&E, 1996)
Colin FirthJennifer Ehle

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Have you ever seen this film?

My holiday


I've come back to my hometown with my children, and my parents seem to be quite happy with their grand-children.

We are planning to go to a river tomorrow. For now, I am reading my favorite book in the room that used to belong to me.