Who is Andrea Robinson?

First, listen to this:

I'm sure you're stunned by a sister's voice, who took a solo part with her fabulous voice. The role of Sister Mary Robert in the movie was played by a cute actress, Wendy Makkena, but the song was actually sang by another woman Andrea Robinson. I've been dying to know about the diva, but strangely I find it difficult to get information on her singing career.
How can it be that she has no album? I've been surfing on the Net, but there is ONLY a little info about her. Who is Andrea Robinson? What does she look like? How has she been doing? How did she get the part of the film called "Sister Act" as a singer?
Is there anyone who can tell me?

know somebody >>> 誰々と知り合いになる
know about somebody >>> 誰々について知る

Life is for living

Charlie St. CloudCharlie St. Cloud
Zac Efron,Kim Basinger Other

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This is the movie I've been wanting to see. I like the actor, Zac Efron, who had come to the front after the big success of the "High School Musical" series. I think he is an adroit actor. He can play not only in a serious drama but also in a comedy one. He can dance as well!
This time, he plays a role of a young man whose little brother facing had a fatal accident. He blames himself bitterly, but one day he sees his late young brother again...
I look forward to seeing his playing in the film. He must show us his new aspect. I also wish his play would win critical acclaim! Can't wait.


come to the fore

辞書で見ると、come to the front も「有名になる」という意味なのですが、
com to the fore 「頭角を現す」という意味です。

The Adventures of Merlin

Merlin: The Complete First SeasonMerlin: The Complete First Season
Colin MorganBradley James

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I've just started watching the TV drama called "Merlin." A friend of mine recommended it to me, and since then I've been interested in the story. Merlin is quite famous wizard living in the legend of King Arthur. I don't know much about the magician who helped King Arthur reign over the country, but I'm sure I'll learn who he was in the story of "Merlin."

Anne and Megan

Anne of Green GablesAnne of Green Gables
Megan Follows; Colleen Dewhurst; Richard Farnsworth

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When I watched the film called "Anne of Green Gables" for the first time, I was pretty astonished at its high quality. Being a huge fan of the novel "Anne of Green Gables," I had been a little bit anxious about whether the film would fulfilled my expectation or not. There was no need to worry about. Anne Shirley played by Megan Follows was the best Anne, bar none. To this day, I cannot think of anyone who manages to play Anne Shirley better than Megan. You can hear her interview here.

Anne's marriage

Anne Of Green Gables - The Continuing StoryAnne Of Green Gables - The Continuing Story
Megan Follows; Jonathan Crombie; Schuyler Grant; Patricia Hamilton; Greg Spottiswood

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Whenever I watch the film "Anne of Green Gables-The Continuing Story," I can't help but feel sad. Why did the film director stick to the scene in which Anne went into matrimony? Megan Follows, a Canadian actress who was natural to play the role of Anne Shirley, was a little bit too old to be a newlywed woman. How wonderful it must have been if she played an attractive middle-aged Anne being in the middle of child care.
If it's possible, I'd like to create another story of Anne's continuing story. It should be similar to the original, and it should satisfy the need of Anne's followers. Maybe I can write. Yes, I can. I'd love to see a real film of Anne's marriage married life.

How wonderful it would have been if she played an attractive middle-aged Anne being in the middle of child rearing.

child care というのは、他人の子どもを見るときに使うんだそうです。

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