My daughter took part in a sumo match last weekend. She wore mawashi, which was a kind of clothes for sumo wrestlers, with her T-shirt and pants. My husband and I were wet through from the rain. Although she lost all her games, she seemed quite satisfied to join the game.
Years ago, women were forbidden from going up on the sumo field due to gender discrimination. Things have been changing.

1) all wet
2) Even though
3) "just to compete" or "just to participate".


Historical site

My family went to a theme park full of historical sites from the Yayoi era. I'm a Japanese and I've learned Japanese history in schools, but I wouldn't say that I know Japan. The big theme park was filled with surprise, and our children opened their eyes wide with excitement. They spent an hour and a half making stone-amulets, and then we had a look at "villages" from an ancient states.




We're planing to visit the park again.

Miso soup

Kikkoman Instant Tofu Miso Soup (Soybean Paste Soup with Tofu)Kikkoman Instant Tofu Miso Soup (Soybean Paste Soup with Tofu)

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I never fail to have miso soup for my breakfast. My 11-year-old daughter especially prefers a Japanese style breakfast, so I cook miso soup every morning. I have to admit that I was a terrible cook before being a mother, so cooking miso soup was a big deal to me.
My mother didn't like cooking and always made a complaint about it, but she even used to prepare miso soup for my sister and me. No matter how busy she was, she was in the tiny kitchen every morning before leaving for work. Miso soup reminds me of my mother, and I'm sure it'll always do so.

she would be in the tiny kitchen

A room for having tea


This is a room called Cha-shitsu that used as a making tea and having it with guests.

View from Honmaru Goten


You can pretend to be an emperor called Shogun when you are looking down from a window of Honmaru Goten.