Small talk

A friend of mine and I spent 90 minutes speaking English on Skype today. We started with small talk, and then enjoyed sharing trivial matters. I knew my English was getting rusty because I hadn't talked with anybody in English for over two weeks. I didn't manage to have access to the Net due to the renovation of my apartment building, and it made me have trouble taking advantage of Skype time. My friend had been waiting for me for weeks, and she was kind to have time with me. I really appreciate it.

Talking with friends on Skype

Since I finally manage to have access to the Net, now I'm able to spend time talking with my friends on Skype. Not only for chatting, I use the Net to teach English. I know that I have a limit of my English knowledge, however, I'm happy to be a a little help for those who need me.
I gave my lessons three days in a row. Each student is wonderful. I think they need me just because they have trouble finding time to speak or maintain their motivation for studying English. As long as they ask me some help, I'd like to keep at our lessons on Skype.

I know that English knowledge is limited, but I'm happy to be a little help to those who need me.


Skype time

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I was supposed to give a lesson on Skype this afternoon, but my student and I gave up studying together because there was something wrong with the connection. Skype is pretty useful for English learners. We can stay at home in pajamas and have a chat with people from all over the world! Because we are utterly accustomed to its convenience, we tend to feel perplexed when it doesn't work properly.

we feel lost

シンプル is better なのかも...。

On Skype

I talked to my best friend on Skype today. It's been a while since I last had a chat with her. Although it was supposed to be a workshop, we spent almost two hours just chatting away. Both of us had lots of things to share, so we nearly lost track of time. After speaking English to our hearts' content, we got down with to our study as planned.

1) It had been
2) study session

workshop のほかの言い方、知りたかったので嬉しいです。
最初の had been については、ブログを書いている時点において


I've gotten my result of TOEIC test today that I took last month: it is 870 score which is the highest one for me. To be honest, I half-expected that I would get more, but of course I'm happy with it. I'm quite relieved to get the score, actually. I still remember how much I was nervous on the test. I hadn't taken the test for four years since 2006, so everything looked new to me and it made me quite uncomfortable.
In any event, I'm glad to be into the highest level of TOEIC test.