My favorite scene

One of my favorite Korean TV dramas is "太王四神記" featured by Bae Yong-Jun, who has been a big star for years. I like the drama because of its variety of the characters. Each of the actors has a talent, and I'm always stunned by their remarkable performance. Here is one of them.

See? Touching scene, isn't it? She figures as a supporting actress in this drama, but she is remarkably gifted! Her play is very natural, and it never fails to make me cry...
And this: What a fabulous voice Bae Yong-Jun has! I fell in love with his voice when I saw the TV drama for the first time.

What time is it now?

I was reading a Korean dialogue for my study.

[VOON] 韓国語 2時半です

A : What time is it now?

B : It's two thirty.

A : Okay, I'll be back here at 3 o'clock.

B : All right. I'm waiting here for you, then.


The Story of First King's Four Gods with English SubtitleThe Story of First King's Four Gods with English Subtitle

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To be honest with you, I didn't get the reason why Bae Yong Joon, one of famous Korean actors, was so popular here in Japan. Ardent fan of the actor called him "Yon-sama," and the name made him an icon who was admired by many Japanese women. I hated to be involved in the nationwide strange phenomenon, so I didn't watch any pieces by Bae Yong Joon for several years.
And now, I'm pretty into one of his TV drama called "The Story of First King's Four Gods." In this drama, he is pretty good! I thought he had become popular because of his good appearance, but I was wrong. He is an actor.


저는 여미임니다.
저는 주부입니다.

How do you do?
I'm Emi.
I'm a homemaker.

私は Emi です。

Me? Korean?

My mother has been into Korean TV dramas for many years. She asked me the other day how she could study Korean by herself. She said she wanted to enjoy TV dramas or movies without Japanese subtitles. Good decision! My answer was quite simple: to listen to the radio Korean conversational program every day. It's cheap, but it's effective. From my experience, I perfectly understand how useful it is. My mother looked to be determined by my remark, but she still seemed a little bit uncertain. Finally, she said, "I guess you could study Korean with me."
Me? Korean?
I'd just made up my mind to study Chinese seriously...
I didn't think I could find some time for studying three languages, but my mother's offer sounded pretty intriguing.

やりました! ネイティブの友人から「添削するとこなし!」と言ってもらえました,,,。