A destroyer

While taking a walk with my daughter on a peaceful day, I heard an unusual sound from the sky. I looked up and gasped with surprise. What made the noise was a Jet aircraft which was flying like a crazy butterfly. "There must be something wrong!" I cried, and at the same time, the plain broke its back in the air. The back of it exploded, but the head of the airplane struck into the ground around 1500 meter away from where my daughter and I were standing.
"Watch out!"
Numberless wrecked flew onto people, and some of debris after the explosion hit me. I felt pain all over my body, but I didn't hurt at all.
"Are you okay?"
When I asked my daughter, it happened.
The big amount of wreckage on the ground suddenly stood up and started walking! Its shape was like a huge robot. As it walked, many houses were crushed under its big feet.
"Oh, my goodness!"
I grabbed my daughter's hand and tried running away. Everybody around us was screaming, and my daughter couldn't run fast with because of fear; but I needed to find my son! My husband was at work, so I'm the only one who must find him! Where is he!? Where is he!?

...and then, I woke up.

1) Countless amounts of wreckage
2) It was shaped like a huge robot.