What's "dance card"?

Anne of Green Gables: The CollectionAnne of Green Gables: The Collection
Megan FollowsColleen Dewhurst

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I can't count how many times I've seen this movie called "Anne of Green Gables." In the story, there was a scene that Anne attempted to make her rival, Gilbert Blythe, ask her to dance in the party; however, Gilbert was wise enough to see through her plot and he ignored her completely. Disappointed, Anne started dancing with her bosom friend, Diana Barry. Gilbert saw them having fun, and then he realized that Anne's dance card was left on a table. He approached it and took it to look at. It seems that Anne couldn't find her card because they were talking like this in the following scene.

Diana : I bet Gilbert Blythe took your card.
Anne : Such a romantic gesture would be utterly beyond his imagination.
《 You can see the party's scene here! 》

And it makes me confused. Why did Anne call this behaviour "a romantic gesture"? Do I have to think that taking a girl's dance card away can be a romantic thing? It must be some kind of crosscultural things. Could you tell me what they are?

there was a scene where Anne attempted to make her rival, Gilbert Blythe, ask her to dance at the party

Where is Gilbert's mother?

Anne of Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables, No. 6)Anne of Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables, No. 6)
L.M. Montgomery

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I like reading the Anne's books. Gilbert Blythe, one of the characters, is quite the ideal man for me because he is smart, determined, what's more, he is single-minded about his love.
By the way, I've been having a question about his family since my childhood. "Where is Gilbert Blythe's mother?" His father, John Blythe, often appeared in the series; however, we never see his mother's name anywhere. In the book called "Anne of Ingleside," John Blythe passed away. Why can't we find any name with John Blythe? I'm just wondering whether Gilbert's mother died young or not. Let me ask you a question if you've read the Anne's books: Where is she?

I've had a question about...