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When I went to a park with my family the other day, I came across a pond which reminded me of a beautiful piece of scenery in Prince Edward Island. This island is famous as a stage of the novel named "Anne of Green Gables." I stayed at the island for five days about 13 years ago, and I had a lovely time there in spite of my poor English skills.
If it's possible, I'd love to visit the island again. I'm sure I'd be able to experience more wonderful time now...

From my diary in 1996 second day

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September 17, 1996

I took part in the tour called "Anne of Green Gables." I visited "Green Gables," "Lovers' Lane," and "Haunted Wood" appeared in the book. The beach in Cavendish was beyond description.

The tour guide who took us to many places was a Japanese woman under the name of Michelle. She was familiar with the island very much and I totally enjoyed hanging around with her. She told us that many Japanese people had moved into the island. I wish I could buy a small house one day.

I had lobster for lunch, but it was smaller than one I expected. I should have gathered more information about a good restaurant.

My host mother cooked dinner for me. She made spaghetti with some delicious vegetables from her own garden. I should've studied English when I had time in order to mingle with people. I had trouble breaking the ice during each meal time.

From my diary in 1996

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September 16, 1996

On my way to Narita airport, I met an American guy named Kevin. Although I was not good at speaking English, we had a chat and he gave me his address. I'll write a letter to him.

I was very exhausted after 12-hour-flight. It was much easier for me to deal with air transit in Toronto. "Where should I go?" I found it quite useful expression.

I reached Prince Edward Island at around 8 PM. The elderly couple whom I was supposed to spend a week with looked friendly. They prepared a very lovely room for me to stay.

Prince Edward island

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Around over 10 years ago, I visited a beautiful place in Canada called Prince Edward island by myself. Because I had been longing to visit the Anne's island since I first read "Anne of Green Gables" at the age of 10 or so, I was quite happy to make my dream come true.
I didn't speak English at all at that time, but people there were very kind to me. Having said that, I should have studied English before landing on the island! My host-family took me to a party or a farmers' market; however, I couldn't make myself understood in English and I always failed to mingle with the islanders.
How wonderful if I could visit Prince Edward island again! For now, I have to find consolation in my fabulous photographic collections.

★ ネイティブの添削 ★
How wonderful it would be if I could visit Prince Edward Island again!