Rusty English

I went to a shopping mall this morning in order to meet my friends. We've just set up an English club in Saga and started getting together to speak only English at a cafe. Because their English skills are pretty high, spending two hours over coffee is always educational for me. I never miss to learn something new from our conversation.
I had a lovely time with them, but I was disappointed about myself, my speaking skill. I clearly realized that my English was getting rusty. I couldn't express myself without stammering. I took time to come up with the proper expressions. It reasonably happened to me because I hadn't studied English! I preferred to read Japanese books than stick my nose into English books. It serves me right...

Three lessons on Skype

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I've been not only studying English myself, but also teaching it on Skype. My students can speak and understand English, but I think they crave for time with somebody to study English together. I'm happy to be with them, and I always learn something new from them.
Yesterday, I was supposed to give three lessons, however, one of them sent me a text message saying she wanted to put hers off because she had been sick. I wrote her back to say "No problem," but I haven't heard anything from her yet. She might have been in bed. I hope she will get better soon.

Online lesson

I've just made up my mind to take a trial English lesson on Skype. I already set myself to try it, and if I find the lesson educational, I'd like to keep at it.
I've studied English for years, but taking English lessons on the Net never occurred to me as an option. That's because I believed that we could study English by ourselves as long as we managed to have a high motivation. I say that I'm perfectly right about the notion, however, I cannot deny that I extremely need someone's help to brush up my English skills.
Self-learned is pretty wonderful, but it also has a risk of being selfish. We sometimes ignore our downsides and easily turn our back on precious advice. Not to mention, it's quite easy to lose patience when we face obstacles.
If I have a tutor, I suppose I'll be able to see my way to proceed. I've been always struggling with my pronunciation, for example, but maybe I'll get an answer for it from tutors. Thanks to my blessed encounters, I have a few students who believe my way of studying is worthwhile. I'm delighted to have them, of course, but sometimes I feel nervous and fret over my English.
As one of my friends came right out and said on her blog today, once you are hard at teaching, you must take a responsibility of leading your students in the right direction. I totally agree with her. Am I qualified for the post? Do I have an ability to show them the way? To tell the truth, I lack of courage to say yes as it stands... So, that's why I need someone's help now to be appropriate, to be accurate, and to be confident about myself.


I took an English test called TOEIC yesterday. Actually I half-expected that i could deal with the reading part compared to the last, but it turned out each question still made me confused. I didn't have enough time because they were beyond my comprehension. I just looked over at them, having some hesitation. Now I know I really need to learn how to read. As they say, it's no use crying. All I need to do is to pick up a book and read it.

hesitating which to choose

何に対して hesitate しているのかを具体的に書いたほうがいいとのアドバイス。

I can't!

I've been trying to focus on study for TOEIC test which I'm supposed to take next week, but I can't! Once I open a textbook, I feel sleepy and exhausted. Being prepared is quite important in order to get a high score, I know that; however, I can't find it interesting. I even think that preparing for TOEIC test does have no meaning to me.
I started to learn English about 12 years ago because I wanted to understand what they were saying in English movies. I didn't learn English as study. I learned it for fun. That's why I still have trouble studying English for any English tests. It seems to me that I will never achieve of my goal of getting higher scores...