Clear voice

I didn't know about the Japanese singer-songwriter named Sachi Tainaka. A friend of mine strongly recommended her to me this morning, so I checked her songs on YouTube site. She is amazing! What a high and clear voice she has! I don't know why she hasn't been active in the front line. She deserves to succeed!

Hold on

When I was in my early twenties, I was absorbed in a pop music group called "Sing Like Talking." Because I was young, I chased after them and I went to New York alone to see their live music. Although I had trouble speaking English, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in a sleepless city, New York. I was worn out by the end of my journey, though. That was because I made an all-out effort to avoid any communication in English. Hold on! What a waste! I've been into English for years, and I'm eager to improve my English skills, but back then my purpose of being in New York was totally different from what I have now.


During today's English lesson, one of my favorite songs came up as an example of the word "guilty." Around ten years ago, one of my colleagues gave me the CD as a present. "You'll love it," she said. She was quite right, and I'm still into the song.


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He is younger, and I like him

I happened to know that my 6-grade daughter has a friend who's been crushing on a younger boy. The puppy love reminded me of a song in from 1975. I know the good-looking boy because he is one of my son's baseball teammates. I know his mother as well. The other day, the mother told me that she was has been a bit perplexed with anonymous calls. I immediately figured out that the girl must have made contact with the boy. Today's young girls are super-active!

While vacuuming

There are lots of things you can't explain why they happen, and I have one of my own. I cannot stop myself singing a song while cleaning rooms using a vacuum cleaner. In fact, with the noise you can sing out as loud as you like loud as much as you'd like to! Most of the time, I pick up the same song, "I'm proud" sang by Tomomi Kahara. Actually, I used to have her album after listening to this "I'm proud" on TV. I like her sensitive voice very much. I also like her way of singing because I feel something pure in it.

I'm quite sorry to say, but she rarely shows on TV these days. I'm afraid there is a rumor that says she has had a hard time being to be as a singer. We perfectly understand how the world works: You cannot get everything you want. I'm sure she has been trying to be perfect no mater how hard to be in a fragile world called show business...

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2) but she is rarely on TV