Cannot help

My parents, my kids and I went to a Chinese restaurant yesterday.
None of us tried the place before, but my father heard that they served good dishes and we took his suggestion.
On entering the restaurant, I realized that all of workers spoke Chinese. Wonderful! I could confirm whether my Chinese would work or not. The next moment,however,everything in my head was gone. It was something like the time when I lost my words in Las Vegas 13 years ago. I couldn't come up with any words of expressions I had learned before, and I couldn't help but say "Excuse me," in Japanese.
Their food was fantastic, and my parents and I were totally satisfied with the taste. However, I was quite disappointed with myself and my poor Chinese. I should've studied it harder. We don't know when and where we'd have to test our knowledge after all. We need to be ready!
Maybe another time, I'd like to give it a go.

My report

I was reading a Chinese dialog for practice.

[VOON] まいにち中国語 「先生の研究室へ」

A : Did you bring your report?

B : Yes, I'm going to see my teacher to hand it in.

A : Is his office in the first building or the third building?

B : The first building. You don't tell me that you've never been there!

A : Oh, dear, the elevator is out of order! What should we do?

B : His office is on the fifth floor, isn't it? Let's climb the stairs.


続きを読む »

Let's speak Chinese!

I gave it a try to read a dialogue in Chinese from a textbook.

[VOON] まいにち中国語 「レポート作成」

A : Ms. Suzuki, have you done with your report?

B : I've been writing it for three hours, and now I'm done!

A : Can you write your report listening to music?

B : No sweat. I'm used to doing this. You see?
I didn't make any mistakes in my report.

A : Are you sure?

[VOON] まいにち中国語 「雨」

A : Do you think we can park our bicycles here?

B : Maybe not. There is a park over there, so let's go.

A : Oops, starts raining! I don't carry an umbrella.

B : I have two, so you can use one of mine.

A : How is the weather in Beijing?
Do you often have rainy days like we do in Tokyo?

B : Beijing is dry compared to Tokyo, so we rarely have rainy days.

1) It started raining!
2) have


なんと、通じるようです! びっくり!

打工 ~アルバイト~

[VOON] まいにち中国語 「アルバイト」

A : I heard that you've had a part-time job at a coffee shop. Did you?

B : Yes, I'd like to save some money to buy a car,

A : You're still a student. Can you afford to do it?

B : I'm sure I could buy a used car if I can save some.

A : Can you drive?

B : Yes, I have my driver's license, but I just don't have money.

何度トライしても、どうしても jiashizheng の発音ができないの...。