To make a start

I'm a Japanese and also a mother of two. I've been studying English for almost 10 years. I love English. It may sound odd, but English sounds like a music to me.
When I was a single, I had a lot of time just for myself. I could have studied English, but I didn't. To be exact, I had no interest in learning a second language. I loved travelling abroad and visited several countries, but I could do without English. "I live in Japan. Do I really have to study English for my life?" I was a bit skeptical.
I knew some words and expressions, and they were good enough. I used to study English in school for 6 years and I did well. I had trouble communicting with people, though. Actually, when I stayed in Canada for a week, I missed my dinner because of my poor speaking ability...

I didn't expect that things have changed. Now, I love learning English. What made me have interest? A movie.
"I'd like to enjoy English films without Japanese subtitles."
The day I saw "Titanic," I fell in love with English.

I've been teaching myself, because I can't afford to attend any language schools. That's why I tend to lose my confidence and sometimes I feel down about my effort. I'd really appreciate it if you are interested in this blog and give me a word of advice.
Thank you for reading my writing and sharing your time for it.