There is a red moon in the dark sky...

Four days after the earthquakes

As time passes, we've found it that crucial troubles are coming one after another.

First, as you know, the massive earthquakes shook our land.
Next, the tremendous tsunami swallowed lots of people including little children: the towns alongshore disappeared in a twinkling.
And then, we've been facing a problem of nuclear power plants. Nobody knows when the nightmare will come to an end.

Japan is in a big troble, but we're trying to help each other now. The people in those wrecked cities are lacking of water, food, gasoline and clothes. They still have strong aftershocks every day. They need your help, and I know you can do something for them!

Be wary of asking for trouble

When we are on the Net. we sometimes bump into those who seem to have totally different perspectives on life.
I suppose we shouldn't try to make them sympathize with us. It will end up being useless efforts and we may get hurt by their sharp responses.
As luck would have it, I have good friends on the Net. I've met some of them in the real world, and talking with them eyeball to eyeball gives me more rewarding time.
After all, we have trouble knowing about somebody through the Net. It's pretty easy to misunderstand others' assertions or hold them in adhorrence without well-founded information about them.
I'm wary of getting into trouble now, especially after having nasty recollections.


Whenever I turn on the TV, the news about the disaster in New Zealand appears. The number of missing people is rising, and according to the news, an estimated number of over 113 people were killed in the plague as of today. I hope that as many people as possible will be saved. Lots of people have been working around the clock to find a life. There must be a silver lining, I think.

Can't be a zombie

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My husband and I sometimes are at odds over trivial matters. Take cosmetic things, for example. While watching TV, I'm often stunned by lots of beautiful celebrities at my age. They look young and stylish. Although I'm not particular about being fashionable, I wouldn't mind looking young at all.
"What is the secret of looking young? Why can't I be like one of them?"
My husband laughed at my concern.
"They just look young just because they spend lots of money on makeup."
Which means, if I can put more money into my appearance...
"Don't even think about it. I'm a man who feels happy with a decent wife. What's wrong with getting old after all? Putting too much energy into on your look seems to me like trying to be a zombie."
I didn't know what to say.

For example, today we argued about something merely cosmetic.